Meet the 2018 – 2019 PTA Board Members

Welcome to the new MLIS PTA Board


  • Claudine Planter 

VP – Membership:

  • Alexis Williams 

VP – Programs/Socials:

  • Tuesday Smith

VP – Faculty and Staff Appreciation:

  • Marguerite McClinton

VP – Volunteers:

  • Sharon Parker


  • Mary Salinas


  • Temica Wiggins


  • Stephanie Pitman

 Dr. Matthew Herzberg – Principal




Ryan Ford                                                                               All Pro Dad’s

Ana Gann                                                                               Clothes Closet

Jessica Waddell                                                                     Council Delegate

OPEN                                                                                             Historian

Isabel Tenbrock  &  Christina Keller (Helper)         Holiday Shop

Alice Ford (staff)                                                                    Reflections

Temica Wiggins                                                                     Snack Sales

Mary Salinas                                                                         Spirit Wear

Elsa Coronado-Salinas                                                     Valgrams

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