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Our school is supported by so many – and our local businesses are included in that! Carla, local business owner and proud Business PTA Member at our school is a great Leopard advocate and we’d love to share with you her story and a little bit about her business…

Carla is the owner of Petite Sweets and Treats, a Cottage Bakery located in Mansfield, TX.  While she always enjoyed baking for my family and friends, she decided to ‘open’ Petite Sweets in July of 2015.

Carla is a self-taught baker, and has always been surrounded by amazing bakers, including her maternal grandmother, Tita, and her mom. She grew up seeing lots of yummy things being made in the kitchen, so it was only natural that she would be interested in sharing her love for baking with others.


The picture here are some cookies she made recently for our teachers. Her daughter was so proud and happy! And that reaction is exactly what she hope she can give to my clients.

Feel free to message Carla if you have an upcoming event or milestone you’d like to celebrate with cookies and/or if you have any questions about ordering. Just like Carla supports us, we encourage you to support her!

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All Pro Dads



 Tony“All Pro Dad’s Day is a simple way for you to become an uncommon father and influence your children in significant ways.”Tony Dungy
All Pro Dad National Spokesman

 All Pro Dad’s Day provides an opportunity for dads to spend quality time with their children that will strengthen their relationship, as well as benefiting the child’s school and the entire community.

Mary Lillard Intermediate  All Pro Dads will run a monthly breakfast program full of fun activities and interactive discussions for dads and their kids

Want to get involved? Email us today to get started!

Contatc:  DJ Diggs

[email protected]

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